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Meet Dr. LaMar

M.D, F.A.C.S.

With Over 20 Years of Experience...

Dr. Troy LaMar has specialized in bariatric and general surgery, assisting countless patients on their weight loss journey. Since receiving his medical Degree from University of Wisconsin School of Medicine, Dr. LaMar has established himself practicing with multiple hospitals in the Arcadia area, including, Methodist Hospital of Southern California and Huntington Hospital.


What We Stand For

Dr. LaMar’s mission is to help improve the overall quality of life of people who have been negatively affected by obesity. His goal is to help said individuals receive the appropriate care, lose weight, and maintain weight loss in the future following surgery. 


The strain of obesity is a topic that hits close to home for Dr. LaMar given that two of his immediate family members both struggled with obesity in their lives, but both of which who were able to overcome said adversity and live healthier lives.